Iran, Isfahan, MahmoodAbad In., Between 12 and 14 st
Iran, Isfahan

supplier and exporter of Iranian Marbles

white crystals , onix and travertine

After selecting blocks in quarries and shipment them to our factories .we’ll six side cut .by this procedure the efficiency of product will increase and after that some blocks need vacuum will be do by vacuumed machine and after that start cutting block by saw to 2and 3 cm thickness slabs then after cutting start perform net and epoxy (Italian epoxy)slabs and after drying epoxies start to epoxy and resins the other side of slabs
Research & Development
ACGW is aware that giving greater priority to research and development (R&D) investments will help to ensure our country’s future competitiveness way for best quality material production. Each day we try to make our products with the highest quality to help consumers don’t lose any money. This would not be possible without our R&D capability and passion for quality in everything we do.
ACGW allows customers to order their sizes bundles based on their interest and their equipment in their place . according to their need bundles could be wooden or iron
acgw is a well-trusted family-owned private company and manufacturer since 1991. as the largest marble supplier, are covering five continents with the most premium quality of pietragray slabs and tiles and white crystal marble and other marbles and travertine .
acgw as a well-trusted Iranian marble manufacturer supplier and exporter Our factories fully equipped with a wide variety of brand new technology and types of machinery like vacuum machine, Italian polishing and cutting machine
In case of any questions, price inquiry, samples or whatever you may need from us feel free to contact us 7/24 a whole team is at your disposal. We are always open to new possibilities, and new agreements with our clients, and we hope to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with all customers.